schoettler CalcTape for Business - Your classic adding machines can be retired !

schoettler CalcTape for Business is the perfect alternative for your adding machines / desktop calculators in your company / government / organization.

schoettler CalcTape for Business - Desktop Calculator Software
  • Price: please ask
  • Latest Version: 6.0.4
schoettler CalcTape for Business - Your advantages in a nutshell
  • schoettler CalcTape for Business substitutes all adding machines / desktop calculators in your company, government or other organization.
  • You receive in addition to the CalcTape Pro functionality an integrated company logo and a customized software setup.
  • Realize substantial cost savings in purchase, usage and maintenance compared to classic adding machines.


Please compare the different versions:

Feature / Version
Freeware Version Pro Version
Scope / Use private private / commercial Business
Licenses - 1 - 100 100 up
Price free $6.95 - $3.95 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Basic arithmetics, exponentials and percentage yes
Comments in calculations
Programmable Buttons 2
Multiple documents / Tab groups
Variables / Memory
Fixed comma mode
Extended print settings
Skins 2
Changable text colors
Changable button colors
Commercial use
Your company logo
Your custom setup file (MSI)
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