CalcTape for Windows

CalcTape User Interface

The user interface of CalcTape is simple constructed. The largest area is the editor where you can make your calculations. On the right are the num pad and the custom buttons and on the upper side is the menu bar located over which you can use for example the search function or change the mode of the editor.

Creating New Documents

To create new documents you can use either the new document symbol on the title bar or navigate to File → new. Furthermore you can also use the shortcut “ctrl + n“ to create a new document.


Simple Calculation

Calculations can be made very fast and uncomplicated with CalcTape. Therefore you can input numbers over the num pad or directly over the keyboard and add operators (like “+” or “*”). With a click on “enter” or on the equal sign on the num pad, the entered numbers will be processed and a result calculated.

Several Calculations on one Page

CalcTape is developed so that you can have several calculation on only one document which has the advantage that you do not have to open a new document for every single calculation. This works as follows: You type in your calculations like explained in “Simple calculation”, then to separate it to several ones, you click two times on “enter”. Now both calculations are separated.

Interim results

By clicking the enter button or the equal sign on the num pad, interim results will be created during calculations. They are identified by the line over it and by the box which appears when you click on the interim result. In addition to that there is a copy icon shown on the left to input the calculated values e.g. into other documents. If you want to copy the interim results without the thousands separator you have to hold “Cntr” while clicking on the copy icon.

Modify calculations

CalcTape offers the opportunity to modify calculations in hindsight. For this you go to the changing line and delete it or change a value for instance. The calculation will be automatically updated.

Furthermore CalcTape can also act as a text editor. Therefore you change the mode in the menu bar from calculator mode to text editor mode. Now you are able to edit calculations like in an normal text editor. This includes deleting or adding a new line, splitting and reunite calculations and simple copy & paste actions.

Percentage calculation

In addition to the four elementary arithmetic operations CalcTape can also handle percentage calculations. Thereby you can make for example tax calculation in an easy way. You just add during the calculation the respective percentage, then click on the percentage sign and subsequently on “enter”. First CalcTape calculates the whole previous calculation on which result then refers the percentage calculation. The absolute value is shown next to the percentage as a comment.

Adding Notes and Comments

A further feature of CalcTape is the comment function for calculations. This allows you to comment lines or take notes next to the calculation. Furthermore there is the option to enter text above or below calculations.

Saving Documents

A document can be saved by clicking on the save symbol in the title bar or by navigating to File → save. Also you can use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl +s” to save a document.

Custom Buttons

What are Custom Buttons?

CalcTape for Windows offers the possibility to create custom buttons and to add them easily into your calculations. With these buttons you have the chance to build your own personally buttons which are not included in the num pad by the begging but which will help you with your calculation in your everyday life.

Add a new Custom Button

By clicking on the arrow down button of one of the two already existing custom buttons (“+TAX” and “-TAX”) a menu opens from where you can edit the respective custom button, delete it or ad a new one (You should keep in mind that the free version of CalcTape just supports two custom buttons).

To add an new Custom Button you have to click on the arrow down button at the predefined custom buttons and choose “Add New Custom Button”. A new window appears where you can create the new button. You have to fill in the field caption, explaining and in the field “text” we input the formula. With a click on “OK” the new custom button will be saved and can be used in calculations.

Click here to get an example of adding a Custom Button to look at.


In settings there is the opportunity to personalize the appearance of CalcTape and to customize the editor. In the submenu “format” you can adjust the decimals, indentation and the rounding behavior. The submenu “general” locates the points style, paper, colors*, language and options.
The “Options” submenu is used to activate and deactivate the following features

  • “Touchscreen”: The buttons in the NumPad, Custom Buttons and Variables Controls are larger for easier use on Touchscreen devices
  • “Run at Startup”: A CalcTape-session starts automatically when Windows starts
  • “Check for Updates Every Week”: as it says
  • “Restore Workspace”*: All Documents which were open at the end of the previous CalcTape-session will be opened at the start of the application. The tabgroups and their layout will also be restored.
  • “Autosave”*: when modified documents (marked with a “*” in their tab) are closed they will be saved under their current name without query.

*just in the pro version

Move Control Elements

Control elements like num pad or custom buttons can be moved within the CalcTape user interface. This is done by doing a click on the title of an control element and moving it around. Now there appear so called moving helpers. By moving the control elements on the helpers, it shows in which corner you can move the control element. By releasing the control element on the moving helper, it is set automatically in the selected corner.

Hide Control Elements

Control elements can also be hidden which ensures that the editor gets more space. By clicking on the pin symbol in the right upper corner of the control elements, they get pinned onto the nearest side. With a mouse movement onto the title, the control elements slide automatically out and disappear when you move the mouse out of the zone of the control elements.


Rounding Behavior

The presetting in CalcTape is to round the results. If you want to change the rounding behavior you can do this by clicking on settings. In the submenu “format” you have the opportunity between “Round Nothing”, “Round Results” and “Round All”.

Changing the Decimal Mark

The settings for decimal mark is bound to Windows and therefore you need to make a system-wide change. You open the Windows control panel, select first “Region” and then “more settings”. There you have the possibility to change the decimal mark. The changes will be active after restarting CalcTape.

Adding a new Custom Buttons – Example: Extracting a root (Pro Version)

Click on the arrow down button at the predefined custom buttons and choose “Add New Custom Button”. A new window appears where you can create the new button. In the field caption we type in “Root”, below at explaining “Extracting a root” and in the field “text” we input the formula “^0,5”. With a click on “OK” the new custom button will be saved and can be used in calculations.

CalcTape Files as Pattern

Because of the saving of documents CalcTape also brings the option to use files as patterns. Companies and private persons can profit from this, when they use often the same calculation but everytime with other values. The following example shows this:

The example shows the prime cost calculation of a pizza. If you change one of the variables, the complete calculations will be updated and a new prime cost will be calculated.


CalcTape has also the feature to print the entered calculations. Either you use the keyboard shortcut “ctrl +p” or navigate to File → Print. The pro version of CalcTape offers additional printing functions, for example to adjust margins, header and footer.

Pro Version

The pro version of CalcTape for Windows can be activated from the menu File → Activate Pro. Furthermore you have the chance to test CalcTape Pro for 30 days for free. With CalcTape Pro you get features like the scratchpad, variables, more printing functions, more than two custom buttons , several documents opened at the same time and more.


The scratchpad is a document which is opened all the time and saves all your inputs automatically.

Use of Variables

The use of variables is limited to the pro version of CalcTape. Variables can be defined and used as follow:

A variable is defined when you assign a value to an label. Example:

interest rate = 3,5

After the assignation the label will be colored in a blue color which is the typical mark of a variable. It should be noted that there is some limitation in the naming of variables: No special characters can be used and variable names must begin with a letter. Also changing a variable is very simple: Going to the line where the variable is located and changing the value. If you want to delete the variable you have to delete the line where the variable is defined. By clicking the pen icon in the variable window you can directly jump into the right line of the respective variable. The variable window sums up all variables, from there you can also set shortcuts.

Several open Documents

The pro version of CalcTape allows to open more than one document at the same time. In addition it can display up to three documents side by side. This brings the possibility to compare documents. The settings of this feature are located in “Tab Groups”.

Change Text Colors

With the purchase of CalcTape Pro color comes into the editor. For instance, negative values are displayed in red color or comments in green for a better overview. There is also the opportunity to change the colors under Settings → Colors.


As described above, with the pro version there comes new functions to the print option. Now you can adjust margins, header and footer.


The pro version of CalcTape for Windows can be bought on the website or directly within the application. For this you navigate to File → Activate Pro and insert either the activation code or click on “Click here to buy CalcTape Pro”.

Minor upgrades within the bought versions are free of charge (e.g.: Upgrade from Version 5.1 to Version 5.2).