CalcTape for Android

CalcTape User Interface

The user interface of CalcTape is simple and straight forward. Nearly half of the display is occupied by the keyboard, but this depends on screen size. Above the keypad you will find the editor where you can see and edit your calculations. The title bar in the top area shows the document name and a menu button. Via menu you can go to the settings or copy your calculation.


Simple Calculation

Calculations in CalcTape can be created fast and easily. For that you enter a desired number, add a operator (like “+” or “*”) and type in another number. With an click on the “equal sign”, the entered numbers will be processed and a result will be calculated.

Several Calculations in one Document

CalcTape is so constructed that you do not need a new document for every new calculation. You can place several, disconnected calculations in one document. Therefore just click twice on the equal sign. Now you can begin with a new calculation in a new line.

Interim Results and Current Result

By clicking the equal sign during the calculation, interim results will be created. You can keep calculating with this result by simply adding new operators and numbers now. Drop an empty line to start over with a new calculation. The current result is always displayed below the text area. You can copy the result to the Android clipboard by simply tapping on the result value. You may paste this value to any App you like and that is capable of receiving text values (e.g. notes, e-mails).

Modify Calculations

CalcTape offers the possibility to modify and correct calculations in hindsight. For this you have to go to the line where you want to change something and delete the part which you don’t want anymore or enter a new value. You can even add or delete new lines/values to the calculation: Is's as easy as editing a note. The entire calculation will be automatically updated after your changes.

Furthermore CalcTape can also act as a text editor. You just need to switch the keypad (K1, K2) to the standard Android keypad (ABC). Now you are able to edit calculations like in an normal text editor. This includes deleting or adding a new line, splitting and reunite calculations and simple copy & paste actions.

Percentage Calculation

In addition to the four elementary arithmetic operations CalcTape can also handle percentage calculations. Thereby you can make for example tax calculation in an easy way. You just add the respective percentage during the calculation, then click on the percentage sign and subsequently on “enter”. First CalcTape calculates the whole previous calculation on which result then refers the percentage calculation. The absolute value is shown next to the percentage as a comment.

Adding Notes and Comments

Another feature of CalcTape is adding notes and comments in calculations. This allows you to comment lines or take notes above, below or next to your calculations.

Saving a Document

The edited calculations will be saved automatically.


To navigate to the settings, just click on the menu button in the right top corner and select “Settings”.

In the settings you can change font sizes for the calculation and the keypad.

You can change the number of decimals displayed by CalcTape. This will also have impact on the rounding.

Further you can decide which rounding behavior you want. The preset in CalcTape is to round the results. If you want to change the rounding behavior you can choose between “Round Nothing”, “Round Results” and “Round All”.

You can choose from different themes, which will bring a new color set to the CalcTape UI.


Why is 2 + 2 * 2 = 6 and not 8 ?

CalcTape respects operator precedence, i.e. muliplication is done before adding. You can use an interim result after adding your numbers before doing the multiplication.

I already have CalcTape Pro for Windows. Do I need to purchase for Android again ?

Yes, you need to purchase for each platform separately (Android, iOS, Windows, Mac). If you have a license for a platform you may use it on multiple devices (e.g. Android Smartphone and Tablet).

I hit AC and my calculation is gone. What can I do ?

Just use the “Undo” button (next to the menu button) just afterwards and your calculation will be back again. After restart of the App or opening a different document the Undo history will be dismissed though.

Where is the clipboard ?

The clipboard is a system area in memory, which can be used to exchange data between Apps on Android devices. You can paste the clipboard content generated by CalcTape to any App that has a text field. Just do a long tap on the text field to open the context menu with clipboard functionality (paste, …).

Why does CalcTape need access to my files and media ?

CalcTape stores all the calculations you made in a file, so you can view them again after restarting. So CalcTape asks the user for this permission. CalcTape can not be used without this permission and will exit immediately. CalcTape will not access any photos or other media on your device.

Where can I find my CALC documents on the device ?

This depends on the device you use. Please take a look inside the Info screen in CalcTape. There you will find the path, where your files are located.

Why does CalcTape not use my Dropbox or OneDrive ?

Using any Cloud service must be implemented inside the Apps directly on mobile devices. CalcTape does currently not support any Cloud service, but we are working on a Dropbox integration.

Why are my CalcTape files gone ?

CalcTape does not delete any files by itself, only by user interaction. CalcTape stores its files in an “open location”, so you are able to view the files with an Explorer App, make backups, restore files from backup and add CALC files received from other platforms, e.g. via e-mail. Some “Cleaner Apps” identify the CALC files as SPAM and delete them without user interaction. We recommend to backup your valuable CALC files regularly to avoid data loss by those third party Apps.

I have purchased the Pro version. Why is my CalcTape not offering the features ?

Right after purchase you should see all the Pro features and be able to use them. Take a look inside the Info screen, which should state you are running “Pro”. If you reinstall the App or install it to another device the App does not know about your purchase. Please select “Recover purchase” from the menu, so CalcTape can check you purchased Pro and reactivate the features.

In some rare cases “Recover purchase” does not work. Then you should select “Buy” again and go through the whole process without being charged again (as long as you use the same Google account).

Where can I find the Pro version in the AppStore ?

You need to install the free version first. Then you can purchase the Pro version from inside the App (see CalcTape menu).

Pro version

The Pro version of CalcTape for Android offers many additional useful functionality.


The Scratchpad is a document which is opened at any time and which saves all your inputs automatically.

If you have an important calculation in your Scratchpad you can easily create a copy of it to safe it. Therefore you have to click the menu button in the right top corner and chose copy. Now the calculation of the scratchpad has been copied to clipboard and you can insert it in any document. You can also duplicate the Scratchpad. For that you have to click on the scratchpad in the document list and chose “duplicate”. The Scratchpad will then be saved to a separate document. You can find this copy in the document list now.

Create a new Document

Normally the Scratchpad is the first opened document. If you want to create a new one, switch to the document list, either over the arrow in the left top corner or over an swipe from the left display side to the middle. In the document list are all saved documents. To create a new document click on the plus icon in the right top corner.

Renaming, Duplicating and Deleting Documents

To rename or delete a document you have to do a long tap on a document in the document list. Now a new menu appears and you can select between the functions “open”, “delete”, “rename” and “duplicate”.

Sharing a Document

CalcTape offers to share calculations. This can be done as follows: Open the upper right menu and select “Share”. A window appears which contains different functions for sharing a calculation. Not all third party Apps are capable of using the CALC data, though it is simply a text export. An export to e-mail will contain a CALC file and a HTML file (which can be viewed by any recipient even without CalcTape).

Printing a Document

CalcTape allows printing of a document. Printers can be searched and configured with Android's built-in system functionality. Printing in Android needs Android 4.4 or higher.

User Buttons and Functions

CalcTape for Android allows you to create your own buttons with custom formulas or texts. With this functionality you can create new buttons and functions which are not integrated by default in CalcTape but which will help you to simplify your daily calculations. Therefore you tap and hold a button in the keypad (e.g. “Button”) to enter the button screen. In the bottom bar you can choose between system buttons, user buttons and button size. Now you can see the already existing User Buttons (for example: “+TAX” or “-TAX”). In this window you can choose an already existing function, add a new user button or change already existing buttons.

Adding a new user button:

To create a new user button tap and hold on the “My Button” button until the button screen appears. Now click on “New” to create a new function. In the opened screen you type in label (button text), formula/text (content that will be entered into the calculation) and click “Save”.

Custom Keypads

Pro users are able to define their own keypads. In the calculation screen a user can choose between the keypads “K1” and “K2”. When changing the standard keypad by e.g. assigning a different function to a keypad position or changing the button size, CalcTape automatically creates a new custom keypad. All buttons in a keypad can be changed / newly assigned except numbers, decimal separator and backspace. All further changes to this keypad will also be saved. In the CalcTape settings the user can choose a different keypad for either K1 or K2. The user can also rename and deleted keypads here. The standard keypads include a normal keypad, left-handed keypad and a function keypad without numbers (completely customizable).

Select Layout

Pro users may select from different screen layouts, which allow for placing text area, keypad and document list differently. There are some side-by-side layouts, which should be helpful for using CalcTape on tablets and in phone's landscape mode.

Buying CalcTape Pro

The Pro version of CalcTape for Android can be purchased from inside the App. Go to the menu and select “Buy CalcTape Pro”.